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PREREAL structure


The project consists of three closely integrated work packages (WPs). WP1 focuses on sampling, accumulation and synthesis of empirical data to provide biome-wide regionalization of the modern and Holocene-scale fire activity and related socio-economic impacts. WP2 focuses on the analyses of ocean-climate-fire linkages, temporal trends and predictability metrics (e.g. features of large scale atmospheric circulation which precondition fire-prone periods). Finally, WP3 will capitalize on the results of WP1 and WP2 to calibrate the process-based ecosystem modeling framework to predict responses of both fire activity and socio-economic systems under different future climate scenarios.


Workpackage 1.  WP1 Data accumulation and synthesis

Workpackage 2. Analysis of climate forcing upon circumboreal fire activity and development of predictability metrics

Workpackage 3. Development of predictability metrics for regional fire activity, and associated ecological and socio-economic impacts


PREREAL management structure


PREREAL has a two level management structure. At the top level is the project steering committee, which is composed of the project's co-PIs. It is responsible for the overall project oversight, coordination, and planning. At the level of the national teams, the respective national co-PIs are responsible for the day-to-day project management, research and outreach activities. These activities are enhanced through cross-team cooperation within the framework of jointly supervised PhD and post-doc projects. Each national team cooperates with the respective national or transnational agencies responsible for producing fire weather forecasts.






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