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Fieldwork Komi rebublic 2016

The fieldwork took place in the Russian Komi Republic in September 2016. A group of 11 researchers and support personel collected both dendro and paleo samples over one week, often - in pretty challenging conditions! The trip resulted in a large volume of data, which should provide insights into the Holocene long fire dynamics of the Eastern fridges of European boreal forests. We thank organizations which provided valuable administrative and logistical support for this trip:

Forest Research Instite of the Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Petrozavodsk

Pechoro-Ilich National Biosphere State Reserve

Biology Institute of the Komi Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Syktyvkar


1. Russian cars were tough and actually made it from Petrozavodsk to Styktyvkar and back. Our legendary Russian drivers, Nikolay and Alexander, and equally ledendary "limpor" (bookhanki) enjoy a short break on the way to Yaksha.




2. We sampled paleo data in small lakes. 



3. Crossing Pechora. Prof. Adam Ali (University of Montpellier), center, and the deputy-director of the Pechoro Ilich State reserve Nikolay Smirnov (right) are just moments away from crossing of mildly turbulent Pechora river. Field assistant Thierry Pastor (in yellowish jacket) is also ready for the challendge.



4. Charred snags with fire and axe scars is a common feature of Komi forests. Both type of scars can be dated with dendrochronological methods.



5. One of the beautiful sediment cores carefully collected by the group led by Prof. Adam Ali.



6. Repacking on the road. Research assistant Benoit Brossier (University of Montpellier), center, checks both the weather and the cargo.



7. Dendro group is rounding for the day. PhD student Gui Pinto (left) keeps track of the notes, Ivan Kutjavin (Komi Institute of Biology, Syktyvkar) and Nina Rhyzhkova (PhD student, SLU) pack the samples.



8. Syktyvkar airport, heading back to St. Petersburg and further on - to Europe!



Photo credits - Adam Ali (1,2,5,6,8), Nina Ryzhkova (4), Igor Drobyshev (7).



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